MADE IN PRAYER is a ceremonial lifestyle collective inspired by the Age of Aquarius. All creations were made with prayerful hands, thoughful minds & clean hearts. Created in a sanctuary where spiritual discipline, riutal and deep study of the sacred is daily practice. We are grateful to the intertribal fire place and the sacred traditions of humanity that continue to support and inspire our paths. We are eternally grateful to the teachers that have guided this process. THANK YOU to our community's visionary light, Maestro Manuel Rufino. 

Thank you to Maestre Dr. Serge De La Ferriere, Maestro Domingo Dias Porta, Tata Pedro Cruz, Tito La Rosa, Marakame Jose Ramirez and Patrick Scott. Thank you to the Mayan, First Nations, Buryat, Huichol, Shipibo, Q’ero, Secoya, Kaxinawa, Kofan and Taino people. Thank you to the Golden Drum and Sacred Arts Research Foundation for cradling this vision and blowing wind in our sails.


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